5 Beauty Benefits of Mint Leaves(Pudina)

5 Beauty Benefits of Mint Leaves(Pudina)

5 Beauty Benefits of Mint Leaves(Pudina)

Did you ever know Pudina or mint is the natural ingredient for a healthy skin and hair? There are several
benefits of pudina as it has antibacterial properties. Pudina is a natural cleanser, toner and astringent.
Here are the most 5 pretty beauty benefits of Pudina to add to your skincare regime.

Pudina helps you to get rid of blackheads which appear on your skin. This happens because of
your hair follicles gets clogged with excess oil and dead skin cell. So, these blackheads can be
avoided with a mint face pack. You can just grind a few mint leaves and apply it directly on the
blackheads and wash after 15 minutes. That’s it!

• Mint pack also reduces acne and breakouts on the skin. The salicylic acid present in the mint will
help you in reducing acne appeared on the skin.

• You can make a natural toner using mint. Mint Toner will tone and cleanse your skin. This will
not at all make your skin dry.

• Mint leaves are also the best natural remedy to strengthen your hair. Pudina leaves will strengthen
your hair from pollution and external factors.

• You can use mint leaves to get rid of smelly feet. All you have to do is, add mint leaves to water
and boil it for a while. Then clean your feet with the mint-infused water. This will make you get
rid of the nasty odor.


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