5 Simple Snacks For Kids

5 Simple Snacks For Kids

5 Simple Snacks For Kids

Kids would always love to eat unusual foods every day. They easily get bored if they eat the usual snacks every other day. They seem hungry after coming from schools, after playing, learning, laughing, yelling and talking. Some kinda special snacks must be done to add energy to their activities. So, it the parent’s duty to prepare some yummy snacks every day. But also healthy and simple one too. So, try out these snacks to make your kid’s day more interesting.

Yogurt parfaits
To make this yummy snack, you need to put some fresh fruits, dry fruits, flavored yogurt and corn flakes ready. Take a small container and add a layer of flavored yogurt, a layer of fruits like apple, strawberries or blueberries, pomegranate, and peaches. Then add dry fruits like raisins and almonds. After it is done, layer it with cornflakes and make another layer of yogurt, fruits, dry fruits and corn flakes. Then close the container with a lid and keep it in the fridge to serve your kids after they are back from the school.

Mini pizzas
To make mini pizzas all you need is English muffins, cheese, and toppings. Cut the English muffin into halves and then spread your kid’s favorite pizza sauce on it and then add some cheese and toppings like olives, sausages on it. Then you can either bake it in a pre-heated oven (400 F) for 10 minutes or use a toaster over to heat it up for a couple of minutes.

Peanut on apple slice
This is so simple to do. Take a slice of apple and spread some peanut butter on the slides. This is easy, healthy and tasty too.

Kids mostly love to enjoy delicious smoothies more. If your kid is not liking to eat fruits, then you can make them drink the smoothies. Take some fresh fruits, put in a blender, add in some yogurt and blend it. Smoothie is all ready! Later, you can also add some chocolate syrup as kids really love chocolates.

Fruit kebabs
Take some fruits which are of different colors. Take the skewer and add the fruits on it. Use strawberries, pineapples, berries, and grapes. Now place loaded skewers on a platter with some flavored yogurt as a dip.

Cool! Try these simple and healthy snacks to energize your kid.


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