Aakash Puri in New Rough Look


Aakash Puri is the son of Puri Jagannadh. He has acted in ‘Mehabuba’. There is nothing in acting that is not new to Aakash who has acted in many films as a child actor. Akash Kannellala Gap who gave the entry of ‘AndhraPuri’ with the movie ‘Teenage’ was then in the direction of my father’s direction with ‘Mehbooba’. The film was also flapped and got the gap again.

In fact, Puri has announced that he will do another film with Aakash after his last film ‘Mehboobha’, but why he is doing a movie with Ram. What is Akash doing now? Aakash Puri’s goal is to show his talent as a hero. He did not know whether his next film would be done by Daddy’s direction, but recently participated in a photoshoot. Aakash is a little more mature and is now looking very young. There is also some roughness. This photo shoot is a good res in social media.

In this calculation, ‘Old’ Puri directing a new angle in the heroes is rather than a ‘new’ Puri Jagannath in the film directed by ‘Mehboobha’ directed by ‘Mehboobha’. Then Puriini will direct a movie next film or wait to see if the rumors are in the campaign and put in the hands of another young director.


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