Amazing Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Benefits of Curry Leaves

Amazing Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are found in subtropical and tropical regions of India. They are used in most of the Indian dishes as they have a unique flavor and aroma. Curry leaves are also used in Ayurvedic and herbal medicines as they are loaded with iron vitamin C, phosphorous, vitamin B, calcium, vitamin A, fiber, and carbohydrate. They have antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and antimicrobial and anti-diabetic properties.
Here are the health benefits of curry leaves which every human must know.
Treats diarrhea
Curry leaves are proven that they treat diarrhea as they have the anti-diarrheal properties. The studies showed that diarrhea induced by castor oil was significantly controlled by curry leave extract.

Eliminates free radicals                                                                                              Curry leaves are rich in carbazole alkaloids. Their antioxidative properties will eliminate the cell-damaging free radicals. The compound also has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

Prevents hair graying
Curry leaves treat the damaged hair and strengthen your hair. They are an effective remedy for dandruff and hair fall. They protect hair from premature graying. You can apply the juice from curry leaves on your scalp by making it paste. After half an hour, you can wash it off with plain water. You will undoubtedly notice the change in your hair.

Lowers Cholesterol
Curry leaves lower the cholesterol levels in your blood. Formations of LDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol is prevented by preventing the cholesterol oxidation by free radicals. This will also improve the levels of HDL or good cholesterol.
Treats injuries
Curry leaves will treat injuries and heals the wound. You can apply curry leaf on the wound and it can accelerate the process of healing. It treats the itchy skin, minor burns or boils.


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