Dear Foodie: Here Is A List Of Films Which You Must Watch

Dear Foodie: Here Is A List Of Films Which You Must Watch

Dear Foodie: Here Is A List Of Films Which You Must Watch

Did you ever felt like watching some foodie films which are seemed to be delicious, mouthwatering? Obviously, this would have been the biggest dream of a foodie who always runs to the popcorn counter to get their own tub before the film begins.

Here are few movies which are of your food taste and in fact, all these are a foodie must-watch films. them out!
1. Chef (2014)

Chef is a tale of every person whose job comes in the way of their passion. The story is related to a short-tempered Chef Carl whose quick temper for food costs him his job. Later, his executes his plan B by launching a jazzy truck with his estranged son and sells delicious Cuban sandwiches.Surely, this film is a delicious treat for all sandwich lovers.

2. Bawarchi (1972)                                                                                                 Ummm! Yummy.. Bawarchi is exactly a synonym for Biryani and this word itself is delicious, right. In this film, Rajesh Khanna gives the typical Indian squabbling family with food thoughts. He shows how close Indian families and food are! It’s a must watch classic treat in the combination of both Rajesh Khanna and Hrishikesh Mukherji.

3. Lunchbox (2013)
Lunchbox is a film which makes you go bonkers for the food. It’s a story where middle-aged widower in a mundane 9 to 5 job and a neglected housewife working towards rekindling her marriage. There happens some serious exchanges over paneer and bhindi. Lunchbox turns more delicious-interesting when Irrfan Khan character gets the wrong tiffin, prepared by Nimrat Kaur for her husband. The film is heart-touching one with some sadness in it.

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
Charlie is a young born in a poor family who along with 4 other children gets to embark on a tour of the chocolate factory run by an eccentric Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp) and his equally peculiar staff of Oompa Loompas, a race of small people who have been helping Wonka operate the factory. With chocolate fountains, chocolate rivers, and chocolate figures, this movie is every chocolate lover’s dream.

5. Ratatouille (2007)
Ratatouille is an animated flick in which a rat named Remy with a refined gastronomic sense wants to be like his idol deceased chef Auguste Gusteau. You will watch how Remy takes Gusteau’s kitchen by storm. Remy communicates with his human friend Alfredo Linguini and their friendship to save a restaurant makes this movie a lovely treat.


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