F2 Director Anil Ravipudi to Direct Mahesh Babu (MB 27)


Superstar Mahesh is currently working on his 25th film ‘Maharishi’. The film is planning to release the film as a summer gift. Sukumar is the final for Mahesh 26. Mahesh is already ready for many directors for 27. Will this young director Anil Ravipudi get this lucky chance? There is an interesting discussion

Anil Ravipudi has already said in the F2 interviews that the script is ready for Mahesh. He also gave the story to Mahesh’s ‘Aagadu’. In order for that aggression – ekeentar Aagadu filmmaker Mahesh Dookudu chief Anil Sunkara are excited for the film.

Mahesh-Anil Ravipudi-Anil Sunkara is the combination of the project that sets up the project. Will any new franchise start with Anil Ravipudi Mahesh on F-2 franchise? Or Aggression 2 But – August 2 But will it be screened? Fans are curious about that. Mahesh will start the film with Sukumar after the release of Maharshi. There seems to be a lot more time and it seems to be slowly updating the movie with Anil Ravipudi.


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