Fuel-up Yourself Before You Start Your Workouts

Fuel-up Yourself Before You Start Your Workouts

Fuel-up Yourself Before You Start Your Workouts

Most of us think that doing workouts with empty stomach may result in burning more fat. But NO! That’s a wrong thought. The actual fact is that your body will adapt and slow down your metabolism to burn calories if you do workouts without eating anything. Your body will conserve more energy and will switch to the survival mode. And to note, you will not be in the mode to do workout due to starving.

Eating nothing before workouts will burn wrong fat and muscle shedding. “Your body might use energy from proteins present in your muscles when it has burned through its glycogen stores and requires more energy to fuel your body during the workout. This usually happens when you are doing an intensive workout. So, you should definitely not work out on an empty stomach if you are trying to build lean muscles.”

When you eat food before your workouts, it lowers the urge to eat more later in the day. Also, you easily suppress your hunger later on. This will help you to lose weight easily.

Eating something before your workouts will provide energy for you to be in active mode while doing workouts. If not, it will make you tired and feel exhausted and will make you push yourself while working out and this may affect your progress.

Eating food before a hard workout will give you good energy levels to work harder on your body. But make sure that you are not going to fuel yourself with chips or some unhealthy snacks. Eat healthy food like oatmeal, banana, nuts and dried fruits or whole grain crackers. So that these foods will help you to prevent muscle damage and improve endurance. Note to eat the food before 30 minutes of your workout schedule.


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