Say NO To These Stress Symptoms

Say NO To These Stress Symptoms

Say NO To These Stress Symptoms

These days stress-levels are being so high. All the time most of us seem to be stressed. But, stress is a very bad thing for your health. It will cause damage to health. Sometimes, it is better to consult a doctor to get relaxed. Here are few signs of stress which one shouldn’t ignore.


Sometimes we all feel so stressed with regular tensions and this results in frequent headaches. This happens because of high-stress levels. Later on, it creates contractions in the muscles of the neck and head portions. They will squeeze the back of heads or foreheads. So, don’t avoid frequent headaches.

Digestive Distress

Stress increases stomach acid production which results in various digestive problems. This includes diarrhea, constipation, nausea and vomiting too.

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Lack of Sexual interest

Stress causes physical problems like erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation in men. Cortisol suppress sex hormones will reduce sex drive and probably one will loose the sexual desire.

Pains in the Neck and Shoulders

You will meet with muscle aches in the neck and shoulders. If you feel much pain in the neck and shoulder muscles, then you must seriously consult a doctor to fight over it. Also, it is better to have a slight neck massage and get relaxed.

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Hair fall and Bad skin

This is the serious issue. We’ll start having heavy hair fall and we don’t even try to comb our hair due to the fear of losing hair. As stress restricts the blood flow to functions, this causes dull movements with hair and skin. This happens both in men and women. So, beware of it.

So, better, never avoid these stress signs. In fact, it is better if one can avoid the stress itself to live happily!

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