Stylish Star Allu Arjun Creates Hulchul At Hampi

Allu Arjun

 Stylish Star Allu Arjun Creates Hulchul At Hampi

Allu Arjun was creating Hul Chul at Hampi when he visited the temple town on Friday. Accompanied by his family members, Arjun visited famous Virupaksha Temple and offered special pooja to Virupakshara Swamy.

Temple priests accorded him grand welcome and arranged a special VIP darshan for him. Later stylish star along with his family visited Kamal Mahal, Rock Chariot, Vijaya Vithala temple. Interestingly, Bunny is surrounded by pilgrims, locals in Hampi wherever he traveled. Many have tried to take pics, selfies with Bunny in the temple town.

Many fans thronged and mobbed him. While fans started increasing and started to take a snap, Allu Arjun cut short his trip to the memorial sites and left to the hotel in Hospet. Allu Arjun will visit the memorial sites today and complete his trip to Hampi.


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