A Fan Stunning Open Letter To Balakrishna!


A Fan Stunning Open Letter To Balakrishna!

As the news slap-gate went viral involving Nandamuri Balakrishna is repeatedly being made a headline on TV channels and social-networking sites. Another day director Puri Jagannath ended up supporting the Balayya saying that it’s just a love from the actor to his fans. But he’s being trolled by media for such support to the Balayya.

Some fans are writing special open letters to Balakrishna, showcasing their love for him. While no justification would happen so far slapping someone, fans are hitting hard at the criticism and fans had own theories to support their heartthrob hero.

A Fan Open Letter

Dear Balayya, 

Learn how to act in real life a well. Though you are a box office treat on the silver screen, and you drive the car every day only wearing a seatbelt and never your father resorted to scams and scandals in his political career, and though you are serving people through Cancer hospital, those won’t bring good name to your real life.

You have to hire ten bouncers while coming into public and make sure that no fan ever reaches you. That’s humanity. Also when fans rush and storm into you, wear a smile and pose for photographs with them. Never express your happiness or sadness in public, but learn to sugar coat your speeches with only ‘beautiful’ words.

Also, Sir, Learn to use the influence of your brother-in-law and the image of your father to get some Padma awards and Nandi awards. Try to bag some endorsements related to cool drinks, jewelry shops, and other products to make some money. Don’t just limit yourself to publicity campaigns in elections, but try to sell some MLA tickets to make money. Or get rid of this MLA seat and go to Rajya Sabha with a smiling face.

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You have to learn how to live in this world, or they will make it tough for you

Yours truly
An Honest Balayya Fan


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