War between Two Mega Heroes!

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War between Two Mega Heroes. Mega young Hero Vs Mega Star Hero!

The war between two Mega Heroes. The young mega hero who doesn’t have a single hit to his credit till now. He has scored a big super hit recently. It is quite common that industry runs after success. Similarly, filmmakers are running around the mega hero. Even though didn’t get the full credit for the success of the film. Big producers are looking for call sheets of this.

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As per reports, in recent days there is a cold war between in the mega heroes. The latest big hit of mega hero said to have become envy for the other mega heroes. Young mega star hero who was in controversy in recent times with his latest movie said to have worried about the success of this hero. Because the mega hero movie which turned out to be Box Office hit is still running successfully in Nizam area. The producer Dil Raju of this film previously incurred huge losses with another mega star hero recently.

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As per the present situation, there are some comments heard in film circles that this new mega hero is better than the star mega hero. These comments said to have reached the mega star hero and trouble started between them. But the young mega hero who scored a big hit is in the way to travel abroad for the shoot of his next film. The young hero is seriously planning to score a big hit to checkmate the mega seniors.

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The young hero who has set shockwaves in the mega compound needs to score another hit in to account to stabilize his career. Let’s wait and see whether he will get that hit with his next film or not.


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