Steps To Do: Fruit Face Pack At Home

Fruit Face Pack At Home

Steps To Do: Fruit Face Pack At Home

Women are very much conscious about their looks. They stride hard to look beautiful. They make time for their looks and spend atleast a day in salons. They try out several beauty treatments to make themselves look so beautiful. But, sometimes it turns confusing. They often leave in confusion about which facial should they opt to look perfect. Is that a gold? diamond facepack? or anything else? But, it is obviously so costly which you may not always feel happy to spend the amount on it. Here is a step-by-step guide to making a friendly facial at home. This will really give you a natural wonder on your face.Check it out!
1. Cleanse your skin

Cleanse your skin
Of all the things, you should first clean your face. It is better to clean your face using cold, raw milk to make it free from dirt and pollutions things. This will work for the pores too. Wash your face with water,then use cotton and apply the take milk on your face, neck. Later just wash off your face to get ready for the facial.
2. Scrub your skin

Scrub your skin
The dirt on your face may leave you but the dead skin cells on your face will not leave your face that easily. So, grind the lemon peels with water to get a paste and then apply it in circular motions avoiding the area around the eyes. This will remove the dead skin cells on your face.
3. Steam up

Steam up
It is necessary to unclog pores. As there will be dirt settled down in the pores, you have to use a facial steamer to unclog them. All you have to do is, boil water in a vessel and then place a cloth over it and get your face closer to it by covering the sides of your face with a towel. This will also remove blackheads on your face if any.
4. Prepare a fruit pack

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Prepare a fruit pack
Prepare a fruit face pack based on your skin type. If your’s is a dry skin, then prepare a pack with mashed ripe banana and honey. You can make a pack with berries and lemon juice if you have an oily or combination skin. You can try out papaya pulp and honey pack too.
5. Apply fruit pack

Apply fruit pack
Your fruit face pack seems ready, right? Then apply it all over your face and neck and gently massage the areas using fingers for pressure. Make sure that you are massaging upward strokes. Massage for 10 minutes and leave it for 5 minutes. You can use cucumber slices to cover your eyes. Finally, wash your face with plain water and pat dry your skin.
To add much glow to your face, use rose water after the facial. Later apply sunscreen to enjoy the fruit face pack effects for a longer time.

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