Star Hero Losing Brands?

Star Hero Losing Brands?

Star Hero Losing Brands?

He is one of the few stars from South who captured national attention and even bagged several big brands to endorse. He had signed many big deals for fancy amounts. Current phase his last film was a controversy and his next to getting the mixed response. The star hero stardom getting the fade out resulting in losing his brands which he is used to boasting of.

War between Two Mega Heroes!
Now younger heroes have been giving tuff competition to the star hero. Also at the same time, his ravening nature is said to be playing spoilsport. Many top brands have stepped back after hearing the star hero’s high-demands and over expectations. At least, half of his endorsements brands have been dropped and there are no new brands in his pipeline.

Relatively younger stars doing good and quoting less amount, brands are keen to sign on younger star heroes than the senior stars heroes. Also unlike before where brands used to rope in new brand ambassadors. Now brands have cut down on their figures on traditional marketing and investing more on digital promotions.

Many in Telugu film industry circuits are also opine that the star hero greedy nature is the only major reason that is holding him back. And refrained him from several deals. Will he change his ways?

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