Stop Using Ear Buds To Clean Your Ears

Stop Using Ear Buds

Stop Using Ear Buds To Clean Your Ears

Most of us commonly use ear buds to clean the ears. There is a substance called ear wax produced in ears.It is natural we clean it with ear buds and also we do it to protect ears from dust, microorganisms, water and foreign particles. But we never knew that using ear buds will create several problems and injuries to ears. Here are the reasons behind why you should not use ear buds to clean your earwax.
Ear bud pushes down the wax
When we use ear buds to clean the inner part of our ears, it forcefully pushes down the foreign particles present in the wax and this creates the problems. Those foreign particles go deep and will create the loss of hearing problems.
Ears can remove the wax themselves
You know, ears have a mechanism of removing the wax present in the ears. While you take shower, the soap and water enters your ears and loosen the accumulated ear wax. The loosened wax comes out when the dead skin of ear sheds. Sometimes, jaw movements like chewing, yawning and talking will also push out the ear wax.
Ear wax protects the ears
Ear wax protects your ears from dust, micro-organism and foreign particles. It prevents infections due to its antibacterial properties.
Ear buds creates blockage
Ear buds will create blockage issues in your ears. This can latter lead to dizziness, itching, loss of hearing and pain in the ears.
Ear buds create dryness in ears
When you use ear buds to remove ear wax, the skin becomes dry and itchy. Then arises several infections in ears.
So, it is better to stop using ear buds as per the professionals advice.

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