SS Rajamouli Dragged Entire Family Into War!

SS Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli Dragged Entire Family Into War!

SS Rajamouli became a brand after the huge success of ‘Baahubali’. It has become everybody’s dream to work under the direction of SS Rajamouli. We all know how Rajamouli and his entire family involve and work for the movie. But till now we have seen Rama Rajamouli and Karthikeya working for Rajamouli films. But now they both are going to work for another director’s movie.

Producer Sai Korrapati had a close relationship with Rajamouli family, he convinced Rama Rajamouli and Karthikeya to be a part of Naga Chaitanya starred Yuddham Saranam film. Karthikeya worked as assistant director for Baahubali film, he is now working as line producer for the film whereas Rama as costumes designer in the film. The makers also roped Rajamouli to be a part of this movie.

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Recently audio launch event of the film was organized Rajamouli appeared as publicist of the film. He loved Rama a lot for her work in the film. Rajamouli also stated that she worked very hard and gave good output to this director film. He congratulated the entire team of the Yuddham Saranam movie and hoped the film as one of the blockbusters in Naga Chaitanya career. Buzz also reported that Rajamouli also secretly invested in this movie.
If he speaks something good about a movie, it will surely grab some attention. Most of the movies he showered appreciations turned out to be box office hits. This has increased the value of his opinions on other films. He said that the movie surely going to super hit and he gave three reasons for it.

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He said the first reason is his wife Rama. “She will not be liked with all the films and his films are no exception. But she reacted positively to the way director Krishna narrated story. The director has done very good pre work for the film as they did for ‘Baahubali’ movie. Usually, film cast and crew say that the shooting went on for a picnic. I watched the shoot of ‘Yuddham Sharanam’ a complete day. He felt like he spent time with my family. That was the second reason. When I heard about the dialogue in the film ‘Parigeduthunna prativaadu paaripoyinattu kaaadu’, I impressed. That was the third reason.”

He gave a compliment to Naga Chaitanya for the choice of films he made. The way director projected how a common man becomes a hero will impress the audience. He added he never fought for his family but he dragged his entire family for him into war.


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