Two Top Contestants Out From Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss

Two Top Contestants Out From Bigg Boss

In the seventh week elimination round of Bigg Boss Telugu,NTR announces that a double dhamaka episode.

Siva Balaji, Archana,Dhanraj and Karthika, were the four contestants, who got nominated for the elimination in the seventh week. Comedian Dhanraj, who has been favourite BiggBoss contestant is out of the show in the seventh week. The other contestant who was eliminated from the show in the week is Kathi Karthika. As per ‘public voting’, Dhanraj and Kathi Karthika have been eliminated from the show.Since it is a double dhamaka episode.

And the remaining contestants in the house include Archana, Siva Balaji, Navdeep, Hari Teja, Mumaith Khan, Prince, Adarsh and Deeksha. Now the show turned more interesting as the number of contestants have come down to 8 who are vying up for to win the title Bigg Boss season 1 winner.

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