RGV Wants to Divide Telugu Film Industry!

RGV Wants to Divide Telugu Film Industry

RGV Wants to Divide Telugu Film Industry!

Director RGV wants to divide Telugu Film Industry. Since from the separation of the two Telugu states there have been discussions regarding separate film industries. Whatever, the Telugu language is common for both Telugu states, the need to divide the film industries never really happened. Now, controversial director Ram Gopal Varma has come up with the suggestion of diving Telugu film industry into two. And he has specified a few reasons to justify his demand.

We Both Like Women : RGV

RGV has been supporting recently released blockbuster Telugu film ‘Arjun Reddy’ ever since it immerses in controversies. The film is being praised by many celebrities as a bold path breaking effort. RGV said that no one in the existing Tollywood Film Industry. Could have attempted to make a film like ‘Arjun Reddy’.

He also added that films made by Telangana directors and actors are bound to be dramatically different compared to the Tollywood films turning out week after week. The Telangana language and culture influence their local stories, and talent will surely come up with completely new stories. Because their backgrounds are different from the existing directors, said Varma.

He suggested Telangana CM KCR and IT minister KTR to encourage the new talent from Telangana who can make new age cinema. Different from the commercial and old fashioned model cinemas of the conventional film industry. RGV concluded that Telugu film industry should be divided into two and make Telangana Film Industry its uniqueness and an identity.

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