Drugs Case Celebrities moved on!

Drugs Case

Drugs Case Celebrities moved on!

Drugs Case has created a huge turmoil in public. In the month of July almost 15 days, it became the only news in the TV channels and social media. Keeping the special investigation teams aside, the media played a significant role in creating the publicity got trolled. RGV stated the SIT officials that they are showing off their existence using the film industry.

However, the celebrities that got the notices to attend the interrogations are opening about their experiences. ” I initially laughed after seeing the notice. I am a very clean person and have never done illegal things. Respect law and order the most.” Said Director Puri Jagannadh.

How Balayya Supports Puri :Drugs Case

“I got shocked after seeing the notice. I don’t have any connection with the case. So I cooperated with the Police without thinking much. They only called me for clarification. I don’t know the current status of the case.” Said Subbaraju.

Actress Charmi seems like she is ignoring the drug case. As Paisa Vasool film release got preponed, she is busy looking after the film related matters. But sources close to actress are stating that the drug case showed a negative impact on the health of Charmi’s mother and also disturbed Charmi.

“I got relieved talking to the SIT officials. They are very respectful. They just called me for clarification” said Nandu. However, they kept aside the drugs case and are busy moving on with their respective careers, and the SIT officials also got became a clam.

Drugs Manufacturing Factory Found in Nalgonda!

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