Mahesh Upset With Miss India Act!


Mahesh Upset With Miss India Act!

Mahesh Upset with Miss India Act as Success gives so much happiness. The success is very important to everyone the value of success is very high in case of sportspersons. They will always cherish to win. They will always keep their achievements trophies and related items to the game safely with so much care. If anyone treats those valuable things in an insulting manner they will get angry and they might upset. Former Tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi came across such an incident presently. And he had to face such a situation because of his wife former Miss Universe Lara Dutta.

Heavy rains have disrupted the normal life of people in Mumbai. Most of the areas in Mumbai are affected with flooded water. Lara Dutta couldn’t escape this present situation as flood water surrounded her house in Mumbai. When flood water seeping through the glass doors into the house, she used all the towels off her husband to stop the water. Those were not normal towels Mahesh Bhupathi used those towels when he played international Tennis tournaments like US Open, Wimbledon and French Open. Mahesh kept them at his home in Mumbai as memories. Lara Dutta revealed what she did through the Twitter page. Lara Dutta tweeted that “Putting our Wimbledon, US Open, Aus Open &French Open towels to good use!@Maheshbhupathi #MumbaiRain.Stay safe & indoors if possible folks!”.

Mahesh Bhupathi replied to the tweet with an anger “Are u kidding me! That’s years of hard work”. If Lara Dutta really wanted to use some clothes to stop seepage she could have many clothes to use at her home but she used Mahesh Bhupathi towels Moreover, she revealed her act through twitter page as if she has done a great job.

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A netizen took it in a humorous way “Perfect example of ghar me raj humesa sirf biwi ka chalta he. Hote honge Wimbledon, US and French Open champ lekin ghar me sirf ek patti!”.

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