Sr Hero Asks Heroine About Cleavage?

Sr Hero Asks Heroine About Cleavage?

Sr Hero Asks Heroine About Cleavage?

Good music and dancing lights have filled the place with more ambiance than expected. That happens to be a film event, where many celebrities graced. A Sr Hero walked on red carpet and graced the evening as a chief guest.

By the time this Sr Hero is stepping out of his luxury BMW car, nearby he noticed a sexy heroine posing for the cameras. Though this duo didn’t work together, she knows that he’s a star hero in the film industry and greeted him with a smile. He too smiled.
Wrapping the photo session, she walked into the auditorium along with the Sr Hero. “Hi sir, how are you? When is your next film coming up?”, the actress asked.

“I’m working on it, things are not always in our hands, do they?” he said. “I wanted to ask you one question, would you mind if it is little personal one?” asked Sr Hero.

Actress shocked by the hero question, the heroine confused and then told to herself that she’s not into affairs, what is that personal question he want to pose? And then actress replied in a low voice, “Don’t hurt me with your question, sir”.

The Sr Hero with in no time, wearing a serious look on his face, he questioned, “You have stardom are in the film industry from a long time, what is the need to wear this type of dress?”.

War between Two Mega Heroes!

She smiled. And asked, “Sir, What, you didn’t like this dress?”

“It’s not about the dress really, it’s about..”, hero said, as his voice went low and revealed what he actually wanted to say.

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In no time, heroine understood what he’s talking about, “Sir, is it about my cleavage?”, the reply came instantly.

“Yes,” he said, firmly, without matching an eye-contact with the hot actress.

The actress laughed loudly that friends beside felt like actually, hero shared a bad joke with her. Before other celebrities at the place approached them, just to exchange casual hellos.

“Sir, I lost my stardom long back. Also, present actors are giving tough competition on every front. Fortunately, I’m having a great physique and to look at me I need to add some glamour. If I don’t show my cleavage, how will it work for me in this glamour world?”, heroine replied.

Shocked by the polite reply, the hero just said, “Fine”, and walked away from the heroine. He happens to be a Sr Hero who always ropes in hot actress in his films and loves to romance with them.


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