Arjun Reddy Fans attack Anasuya


Arjun Reddy Fans attack Anasuya

Anchor turned actress Anasuya busted out in anger on the film Arjun Reddy, which is running to packed crowds. At a time when biggies like Rajamouli and IT Minister KTR are showering praises on this movie as a new-gen film, our hot anchor calls the language offensive and abusive.

Taking to her twitter page, Anasuya revealed that she tried to stay calm but could not. She posted on her twitter saying ‘Abusing out of emotion is just certain extent.. but never comes a moment that you cannot control yourself! You loose control only when you take ‘it’ for granted, and that ‘it’ becomes someone’s mother,sister,wife?!! SHAME!!! LOSERS!’.

She even appreciated the team but she asked them to utilize their skills in the appropriate way. Anasuya is yet to watch Arjun Reddy and she said that she doesn’t have the courage to do so. She clarified that abusing a woman is not and never just a word. The actress felt bad after abusing someone’s mother has been much highlighted. Anasuya revealed that it is great to celebrate and she asked everyone not to forget their responsibilities.

“#ArjunReddy #AbusingMother #NotCool #NeverCool. Period” is her final tweet about the film, but that’s when started some thing that will hurt her more. Many followers on twitter started abusing her back, saying that she’s being a hypocrite.

One of the netizens tweeted, “From the moment when mothers like you started flaunting the meat on TV and media. Stop your stupid hypocrisy!”, to which Anasuya replied, “Also friend.. is not about who should wear what. Sad this generation is so to what to talk to talk with whom”. And her fight on twitter is continuing.

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