Fidaa Overseas: Big Hit but Less Profits

Fidaa Overseas: Big Hit but Less Profits

Fidaa Overseas: Big Hit, Less Profits

Telugu films have been doing exceptional business across the circles of USA. Fidaa and Arjun Reddy are clear examples of that and Fidaa surprised everyone after the movie crossed 2 million mark which is huge for a small film.

The movie has been sold out for a massive price of Rs 4 crores in USA. The movie grossed Rs 13 crores in its final run and Rs 30 lakhs across other countries. Half of the grossed amount will be pocketed by theatre owners in overseas.

The total profits of Fidaa are said to be Rs 7 crores out of which the exhibitor’s share is Rs 1.75 crores. Risking for Rs 4 crores, the overseas buyers made a profit of Rs 1.25 crores for Fidaa. A blockbuster like Fidaa which has been exceptional managed to get just Rs 1.25 crores as profit.

We can assume about the profits and losses of the films which end up as average and below average films at the box-office. US distribution is sure a risky business and many such businessmen turned out to be cab drivers after ending up in hefty losses.

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