Who Said Nikhil Getting Engaged To Her?


Who Said Nikhil Getting Engaged To Her?

Last month back, a news has stunned Telugu film industry with one of the most eligible bachelors of Tollywood. Is likely to get married. It is everywhere in media that hero Nikhil is getting engaged to Tejaswini Yadav who happens to be a distant relative daughter of actors family. And another day, to everyone shocked, it was revealed that the engagement canceled.

Likely to happen on August 24th as the marriage was canceled based on a decision taken by the families mutually.Reacting to this news, Nikhil shared about with the leading English daily and clarified that they have never thought about engagement on August 24th as publicized in news social media.

Hero Nikhil Wedding Cancelled!

“Tejaswini’s parents from a long time finding out her suitable matches. They had checked with us also as one prospective match, but that doesn’t mean we both are getting engaged. It’s only a rumor surfaced in media” said Nikhil, the news about his marriage spread everywhere.

At the same time, Nikhil clarified that he’s not going to get married now only after two years. “I’m just now gearing up in the Telugu film industry by scoring some hits back to back. At this moment I don’t want to take any breaks. So marriage is on the cards after two years later. And I’ve conveyed the same to my parents too”, Nikhils says. Also said that he will prefer only arranged marriage on any given day.

The insiders those who are close to Nihil, however, opined still that He’s engagement would have taken place in case if the couple Astrology matches.

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