5 Ways To Remove DIY Stains on Your Skin

5 Ways To Remove DIY Stains on Your Skin

5 Ways To Remove DIY Stains on Your Skin

Most of the people color the hair themselves as every month going to a salon can be a bit expensive. Though coloring hair is a bit tough job, we usually color our hair. It’s an easy way to save the money than spending it in a salon-once in a month. But we always face a problem with DIY. It is messy. It will leave stains on our skin and there starts the problem. But, we have to let them go and be work ready for the next day. So, here are few simple tips to remove those dye stains on your skin. Look at them.

Makeup remover
That’s a good idea. You can use makeup remover to clear those dye stains from your skin. Take some cotton and pour some makeup remover on it and then rub the stains for few minutes. Make sure to moisturize your skin after the rub, if your makeup remover is alcohol based.

Nail Polish remover
Sometimes, nail polish remover may also help you out in removing the dye stains on your skin. Use nail remover with cotton and rub it on the stains for few minutes. But, remember, nail polish remover may dry your skin sooner. So, remover it after a minute.

Petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly is a frequently heard remedy to remove dye stains. It’s an effective remover. You can use petroleum jelly and use it on the stains on your skin. If you see the petroleum jelly changing its color of your dye, then you can wipe out the petroleum jelly on your skin with warm water.

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Dishwash liquid and baking soda
Basically, maximum people use baking soda for many beauty hacks. Now, you have to mix equal parts of baking soda and dishwashing liquid to clean the dye stains which are on your skin.

Toothpaste can help you in removing the dye stains. Take a toothpaste and apply it over the stain. Use a cotton pad or soft toothbrush to scrub gently. After about 10 minutes, dip a wash cloth in warm water and clean the area.



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