Pawan Away From Secret B’Day Celebrations


 Pawan Away From Secret B’Day Celebrations

Pawan Kalyan has a habit of not celebrating his birthday. For every September 2nd, the actor makes sure that he is not present in Hyderabad and he goes to a secret place – mostly abroad- where no one knows. He leaves everything, everyone here and goes somewhere in order to avoid birthday greetings, celebrations, obligatory birthday pictures etc. In fact, even his own family members and his very close friends (such as Sharrath Marar) don’t have any information about his whereabouts during his birthday week. This he has been practicing from several years.

For the first time in many years, Pawan broke this trend today. This is his first birthday among his fans. This year, he has not gone to any secret location but he is very much in public domain.

This birthday of PK is indeed very special as he is with fans. In fact, he has responded to fans wishes, greeting on social media. He communicated with his fans through his 6 tweets.

As Pawan is set for his journey in politics, this is seen as a huge change in him. Pawan is moving away from his ‘star’ image to ‘public’ image. His presence in the city clearly indicates that Pawan is embracing a major change in his lifestyle. In coming days, we may get to see much newer version of PK for sure. And he may be moving more closely with people and fans which is a good sign.

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