Murugudoss Spoiling Spyder?

Murugudoss Spoiling Spyder?

Murugudoss Spoiling Spyder?

Director Murugudoss is allegedly spoiling the Telugu flavor of Spyder. Allegedly he has fingered in the Telugu songs and insisted the Telugu lyric writers to have more ‘English’ words in songs, in turn spoiling the whole essence of songs.

Apparently, even Boom Boom song was originally penned in a very nice way by a lyricist which was later changed by Murugudoss as per his taste. Also the second song Hali Hali is now getting flak from a majority of music lovers for its “Tamil dose”. Even fans of Mahesh are doing Gola Gola on Hali Hali song.

When acclaimed filmmakers such as Mani Ratnam always give free hand to lyricists Veturi, Vanamali when it comes to the Telugu version of his films, Murugudoss’ conditions to mana lyricists is said to be spoiling the flavour.

However, the makers of Spyder maintain that the songs would be received well in theatres and so film. As of now fans of Mahesh are deeply worried and upset with Murugudoss.

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