Mamma, The First Teacher!

The First Teacher

Mamma, The First Teacher!

It’s Teacher’s Day and a very special day for every student and every teacher. Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birth anniversary is being celebrated as Teacher’s day since 1962.

It is the day where each and every student gratitudes their teachers and appreciate their contributions in their respective fields. But you know something, before you appreciate your teacher, you need feel pride of having your first Guru at your home and that’s your MOM.  The First Teacher of your life will be your mother and you need to celebrate teacher’s day with her. You know why..? Check it out!
Your MOM will be the first one to support and give you the enough confidence levels. No matter, what the situation is, she will be the one who always gives you her willpower.
She is the selfless first teacher for you. She doesn’t expect anything instead, she gives up all her interests or wishes for you and ends her days with your interests.
Isn’t she dedicated for you? Yeah! She works so dedicatedly without giving up. She always gives you that confidence and dedication for you. She supports your goals with lots of dedication. Probably this is a must which you have to learn from your MOM.
She will be so honest with you. She agrees with you sometimes she disagrees. She doesn’t give you any stupid advices but some honest and best advices for you.
Your Mother will be your first judge. Talking from your looks to your attitude and everything. She reflects on your way of living by judging you at the right time at a right point.
So, isn’t your MOM your first Teacher?
We Salute you #Maa!

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