Ravi Teja Friendship is greater than remuneration!

Ravi Teja

Ravi Teja Friendship is greater than remuneration!

Ravi Teja is one of the most talented actors in Tollywood. More than for his energy and acting skills, he is respected in the Telugu film industry for his admiration towards the art. And also determination over the years to achieve the position which he enjoys today. Saying, highs and lows are common in any one’s life, Ravi Teja, too after success had a dangerous low in his career.

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So, the Ravi Teja took a break to re-work on his image and also the stories what he wants to do. Currently, he is back with ‘Raja The Great’ and ‘Touch Chesi Choodu’. As an actor, many producers are again line up to make movies with him as a lead. Already, he accepted an offer to make a Tamil remake, ‘Bhogan’ with the same director, Lakshman direction.

On the other hand, Srinu Vaitla is not in a position to turn back now. He has given three notable disasters back to back at the box office with three popular heroes. And the director was at the end of his career as a filmmaker. But director decided to direct one more film to decide his fate. Ravi Teja has decided to help his old friend. Well, who will produce their movie?

Mythri Movie Makers have taken up this project to produce this film with a fixed budget. They did not want to take a risk too much. They wanted to take the opportunity of making a movie with this popular combination. So, the makers offered a deal to give sizeable shares in their profits without any remuneration. As his friend Srinu Vaitla needs his help, so Ravi Teja also agreed to this deal and the film will soon go on to the floors. Let’s see what will they end up.

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