Stop Making Confusion About Pawan’s Baba Visit

Stop Making Confusion About Pawan's Baba Visit

Stop Making Confusion  About Pawan’s Baba Visit

Whatever a big celebrity or someone with a political inclination does, then immediately analysts look it through a magnifying class and go on counting the tentacles on an egg. One such rumor is currently bothering Pawan Kalyan fans as several gossips emerged about his recent visit to a spiritual leader, a baba, along with director Trivikram.

Apparently, rumours have come out that Pawan and Trivikram are regulars to this Baba who professes about good omens and bad muhurats. Taking up his advice, the duo is said to be planning their film shoots, release plans, and other stuff. Being Hindus by birth and practice, one wonders what is wrong in case of Pawan Kalyan follows a baba or takes the advice of spiritual leaders and believing in horoscopes and muhurats.

Few political observers are criticising Pawan quite badly that how come a so-called progressive thinker and future politician rely so much on Babas. Well, in the first place, guess a name in political clout which is not attached to this stuff? Be him/her from any community, caste and creed, if they are from India, they are bound to have such beliefs. From Narendra Modi to Chandra Babu, Amitabh Bachchan to Chiranjeevi, Rajnikanth to Mohanlal, Priyanka Chopra to Samantha, Mukesh Ambani to Galla Jayadev, who’s not religious and who is not believing in horoscopes and muhurats?

Most of the times as political detractors talk about Pawan Kalyan’s three marriages, his caste-based outlook, his lesser tweets and his limited understanding of politics, he’s busy highlighting Uddanam Issue, he meets people at Harvard, and he puts rationale into the progressive thought process that could build a new world. Guess, who is winning the game!!

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