Meda Meeda Abbai Movie Review and Rating

Meda Meeda Abbai Movie Review and Rating

Meda Meeda Abbai Movie Review and Rating

MEDA MEEDA ABBAI STORY: An official remake of the Malayalam film ‘Oru Vadakkan Selfie’ that starred Nivin Pauly in the lead role, ‘Meda Mida Abbai’ sees a selfish man sent on an unwilling journey after a selfie threatens to ruin his life.

MEDA MEEDA ABBAI REVIEW: Many tales have been told about the flip side of befriending and trusting someone you have only met online. That you never really know a person hiding behind an Internet screen is something that has been hammered in our heads by a clutch of films, including the recently released ‘Vellipomakey’. But ‘Meda Mida Abbai’ manages to use, and turn that tale on its head, while focusing on the journey of a selfish man, who finds himself empathising for a heartbroken girl, not out of love but pure selflessness.

Srinu (Allari Naresh) is an engineering student, who has 26 back papers and no aim in life. He believes he is justified in asking his hardworking father to buy him a tab or even taking money from his mother by concocting long stories. His friends, Bandla Babji (Hyper Aadi) and Karthu (Satyam Rajesh), are equally aimless in life. But, Srinu wants to become a filmmaker and work with SS Rajamouli so he can make his parents proud and, not to mention, earn some money.

In walks a pretty girl, Sruthi (Nikhila Varma), into his life as his new neighbour. Inspired by her and angered by his father refusing to buy him a tab or allowing him to study filmmaking, Srinu decides to change his life, but things just never seem to work out for the clueless lad. He runs away to Hyderabad to work in the film industry, and meets Sruthi on the train. A selfie clicked by him in the train lands him in unforeseen trouble.

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The film that starts out as a humorous tale of a loser assumes a royal twist post interval and morphs into a thriller worth its salt. For those who have seen the original in Malayalam, there’s really nothing new to offer here, not surprising considering that G Prajith directed both versions. The movie follows its original; almost frame to frame and dialogue to dialogue with surprising twists. While the first half manages to weave in some punch lines as expected by Naresh fans, the second half stays focussed, keeping away from any cliches.

If you enter the theatre expecting a typical Allari Naresh film and a mindless laughter riot, you’d be disappointed. Also don’t expect a love story amid all the madness. This film has a proper storyline with the focus more on storytelling and emotions rather than on duets.

‘Meda Mida Abbayi’ is worth a watch for those bored of run-of-the-mills tales that Tollywood seems to churn out usually. Give it a chance just for its freshness, if nothing else.

Rating: 3/5

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