Reason Ram Charan Came For Pre-Release Event

Ram Charan

Reason Ram Charan Came For Pre-Release Event

Magadheera is sure a special film in the career of Ram Charan and is the biggest blockbuster in Charan career. Ram Charan reminds about the film during a public event. The biggest surprise to all that the story of Magadheera was not penned for Ram Charan.
SS Rajamouli directed the movie and his father V Vijayendra Prasad written the story. The fact has revealed by the legendary writer Vijayendra Prasad during the Srivalli pre-release event of his next directorial for which Charan attended as chief guest.

As a legendary writer, Vijayendra Prasad has gained so much of recognition. Flop less director his son SS Rajamoili took all the scripts from his father only. The recently recorded two biggest blockbusters of Bollywood Baahubali and Salman Khan starred Bajarangi Bhaijaan. Both these stories written by Vijayendra Prasad. Recently, the pre-release function of his next movie Sri Valli took place. Speaking at that event, Ram Charan stated that Vijayendra Prasad movies do not require any promotions and the name itself is a tag does the work.

Fans say Ram Charan Please check and move!

He showered his praises on the father and son, Vijayendra Prasad and SS.Rajamouli. Charan also stated that it is an honor to stand on the same stage with them after Magadheera movie. He also thanked both father and son for giving him the blockbuster like Magadheera. Charan also stated that he has been waiting for a platform like that to thank them both for giving a memorable blockbuster hit to him and other heroes. Cherry admired that there is no greatest father-son combination like Vijayendra Prasad and SS Rajamouli in India.

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Charan said that science fiction is a rare genre in Telugu film industry and it is great to see Srivalli in that genre. Even though he has some health issues, Charan claimed that he came to see Vijayendra Prasad and SS.Rajamouli his fans.


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