Amit Sharma says He got hit by Arjun for real!

Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma says He got hit by Arjun for real!

Amit Sharma played a small role in Vijay Deverakonda latest release Arjun Reddy. The movie came out as the biggest surprise for the Arjun Reddy entire team. The movie has been extremely doing well at the box office and has exceeded all the expectations. Not only the lead actors or the director but also the technicians who worked for the movie are getting big offers. The main reason behind this is the movie is with realistic approach.

Amit Sharma played a small role and was present in the movie for few minutes on screen. But the scene where Vijay calls him “Rey Amit” became a sensation. With Amit, so many funny expressions came out. In the scene where Vijay asks not to harm his girlfriend Shalini, and he loves her so much that clicked so well. Even though it is a very long scene, in the first take itself it came out well. Interesting Amit Sharma asked Vijay to beat him for real so that the scene would come out originally.

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Amit Sharma is a theater artist. When his friend said about this movie content, Amit immediately called the director and asked for a role. For 3 hours after auditions and discussions, Amit got selected to play the role in the movie. Amit is claiming that both Vijay and Shalini are also theater artists, the scenes worked out so well. Currently, Amit grabbed a golden opportunity to play a role in high budget film Saaho. Amit will have another crazy project in his hand.

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