Viral Video: Did Amala Smoked Cigarette!


Viral Video: Did Amala Smoked Cigarette!

Amala Paul Viral Video

When an actress does an unthinkable and anti-censor intimate act on silver screen, it became a talk of the town. And when Amala does a similar thing in real life, now it is a debatable topic. Dusky actress Trisha caught after past party session doing Hungama on roads. And that created a sensation with such acts. And now, trends had changed.
If any actress is not doing such real acts in real life, some people are busy editing out their movie-clips and circulating them in social media as if they are real footage. Since last two days, the internet is surfacing with the video of Mallu beauty Amala Paul smoking a cigarette goes viral. As there no movie name mentioned in the clip, all are wondering where does that clip leak from. Here goes the fact.

Recently in May, Amala Paul latest Malayalam movie “Achayans” released in Kerala but the film remain as below average in full run. The movie, however, revolves around four heroes and the role of she limited in it. However, her entry is so mass look with a cigarette being smoked quite naturally. Rather appreciating the actress for doing such act on her own on the Silver screen. Some are spreading an unofficial clip from the film as if a real MMS of Amala leaked.

In the Youtube channel, these days any silly video is getting sensationalized and there is no wonder Her smoking video became viral with in no record time.

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