Get Ready…Sunil To Re-enter As A Comedian


Get Ready…Sunil To Re-enter As A Comedian

Telugu film industry Comedian Sunil turned into actor. He was excellent successful as comedian and actor, he had to all the resppnsibility for disasters and failures as the lead. He delivered some good performances and big hits but the recent his history has been too poor at the box office.

Sunil to re-enter as comedian with Trivikram film and it is his writer friend who made him what he is today. Once he got opportunities as a writer Trivikram did push his friend. After Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav, Sunil started getting an identity on his own and by the time, Trivikram started directing films on his own, he became an established comedian.
Now, as he is looking to be in trouble he wants to make a re-entry as comedian and once again he wants his friend to help him in the smooth comeback.

Trivikram specially designed for him in Tarak movie. We have to wait and see for the official confirmation. The movie of Tarak and Trivikram will start shooting from December or January as per the report.

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