NTR Bigg Boss Faces Drastic Downfall!

NTR Bigg Boss

NTR Bigg Boss Faces Drastic Downfall!

Generally, people see films of star heroes collecting money in the first weekend and then taking a drop on the first Monday. The Same phenomenon is happening with NTR Bigg Boss Telugu reality show.

Big day for NTR and Mahesh fans!

On the outside, it is being said that Bigg Boss reality show is a blockbuster on TV and that it will surface way for many more reality shows on TV in future. Well, the show started with a huge (record TRPs) but the ratings have seen a continual downfall day by day. Last week rating was recorded the lowest of all weeks.
In any case, for a reality show where one contestant will come out as a winner in the end. The excitement of audience should increase as the show progresses. However, in case of NTR Bigg Boss show is completely opposite. Even the Weekend episodes hosting NTR in the house, aren’t fetching good TRPs. The audience seems to be losing interest episode after episode. In another side the Hindi Bigg Boss show which gains huge rating week after week.

On the other side, Rana Daggubati hosted show No.1 Yaari, the celeb talk show. It has been increasing its TRP Rating week after week. Last week TRP rating of No.1 Yaari was almost 3 times the rating of Bigg Boss show telecasted at the same period. While Rana No.1 Yaari is coming up with fresh thoughts and new celebrities every week. Bigg Boss house seems to be testing the patience of audience with showy and boring contestants.

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