Pawan Kalyan 20 Lakh Lamps!

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan 20 Lakh Lamps!

Pawan Kalyan political entry started in 2014. He has been effectively using Twitter to convey his views on various issues people facing in India. Pawan now reached the 2 million milestones on the social networking page.

Jana Sena Chief Pawan took to Twitter page to share how much the love showered on him by fans and well-wishers means to him. Three years ago when Pawan Kalyan started his Journey as a politician, The road is laid with plenty of thorns in the path without a lamp which he was traveled. Every time people have offered the chorus with the voice of his opinion. Today, The path is glowing because of the 20 lakh lamps. He bowed his head for what all have done by them. Said Powerstar, Pawan wrote.

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Actually, Two Million Followers for a Star hero like Pawan Kalyan stature isn’t a big deal at all. But still, It should be seen as a special thing because Pawan has neither used the Twitter to promote his movies nor share his personal pictures/videos but for political views. So, The 20 lakh people should be treated as supporters of a politician in Pawan.


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