Trisha Ex-Boyfriend Marrying to Politician Daughter!

Trisha Ex-Boyfriend

Trisha Ex-Boyfriend Marrying to Politician Daughter!

Trisha Ex-Boyfriend Varun Manian, a Chennai based businessman last year got engaged to actress Trisha. The reality businessman and producer broke up with the Trisha soon after they got engaged due to unknown reasons.
Things went smoothly after months and now Varun Manian is all set to tie the knot on October. Varun Manian will be getting married to Kanika Kumaran, the granddaughter of KP Kandasamy Tamil Nadu politician.

Rana and Trisha At South Filmafare Awards

Varun Manian and Kanika have been dating for the last few months and they convinced both sides parents after which the arrangements are made. Kanika is the daughter of KP Kumaran who is an active politician in Tamil Nadu politics.

Trisha after breaking her engagement, she concentrated her focus back to movies and currently busy with a couple of Tamil films.

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