Mahesh Fans Behaved Like Pawan Fans


Mahesh Fans Behaved Like Pawan Fans

There is no need to prove that Pawan Kalyan enjoys the most devoted and ardent fan base among the star heroes of Telugu cinema. These fans’ devotion for their demigod is so much that they allegedly don’t hesitate or bother to disrespect other senior actors, technicians and heroes in public meetings with shouts of Pawan Kalyan’s name. At the pre-release event of Mahesh babu’s Spyder, his fans too have behaved like Pawan fans.

Since Spyder is the biggest movie in Mahesh’s career so far and also because it is gearing up for release 16 months after his last film hit screens, fans are obviously excited. They were unstoppable, relentless and quite euphoric at the Spyder event. Having love for their favorite hero and displaying it in public is fine.

But, it is not a decent thing to shout the slogans of Mahesh’s name when the actors and technicians of Spyder were on stage to share their experiences of working on the film. Anchor Suma had to intervene and calm down the fans when they embarrassed a personality as big as actor-filmmaker SJ Suryah with their continuous shouts during his speech. Although he requested half a dozen times to give him two minutes to conclude his speech, fans didn’t stop. Even Mahesh looked annoyed with his fans’ behavior.

Its high time stars taught their fans manners at least during private interactions if not on stage at events.

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