Samantha Invite Siddharth For Wedding?

Samantha Invite Siddharth For Wedding?

Samantha Invite Siddharth For Wedding?

Tollywood is getting ready for the artistic marriage of heroine Samantha and her long-time boyfriend, Naga Chaitanya on October 6th. As the wedding takes place in Goa then, gossiping is happening here in Film Nagar much in advance.

As Samantha is said to be inviting many of her pals both inside and outside the film industry, will she extend the same invitation to her former flame, hero Siddharth as well? Many do know that both Sam and Siddharth are in a relationship and contemplating marriage, though the pair never confirmed it. After the duo are spotted performing Rahu-Kethu pooja at Sri Kalahasti temple together, speculations doubled, but later they broke it seems.

But why should our star heroine extend an invite to ex-lover is the question. Some say, Nagarjuna’s family is so matured, that he will attend his elder son Chay’s marriage with second wife Amala, while Chay’s mother Lakshmi will be present with her current husband. As Samantha is entering as a ‘kodalu’ into such matured family, won’t she invite Siddharth as well for the big day of her life?

Well, inviting someone for marriage is a purely personal thing and when someone walked out of her own space forever, why would she do that? Not inviting anyone she doesn’t like is the real maturity, argue her fans. Let it be!!

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