Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Housemates for Grand Finale!

Bigg Boss

 Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Housemates for Grand Finale!

Bigg Boss Telugu season one out of 16 Contestants, Only 5 Housemates remained in the Bigg Boss house grand finale by the end of 9th Week. Drama queen Deeksha Panth as expected eliminated from the ninth week of NTR hosted Telugu season 1. She is the one to face elimination on Sunday after Adarsh, Hariteja, and Archana moved into the nominations.
As per the ‘maximum votes’, Adarsh, Hari Teja, and Archana have been saved from elimination.
Finally, Five Housemates (Shiva Balaji, Navdeep, Adarsh, Hariteja & Archana) remained in the Bigg Boss House for the grand finale. As this is the final week of the NTR hosted season 1, the game turned increased curiosity levels with hopes on almost all the contestants with more or less same.

There will not be any more nominations or elimination from now this week. Season 1 title Winner of the house the five will be announced on next Sunday.
So, let’s see who is going to walk away with the title ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Winner’ for season 1. All the five final contestants are good with their respective pro points and cons points.

Deeksha Panth was given an opportunity to speak about each of the 5 remaining contestants. Here is how she responded

Navdeep: Stupid, Cunning

Hariteja: Manipulative, Foolish

Shiva Balaji: Arrogant, Stubborn

Archana: Selfish, Disgusting

Adarsh: Perfect, Sensitive

Big Bomb is thrown on all the 5 Housemates. The five finalist should chant 4 Table facing their nearest camera every time when Bigg Boss rings the bell.

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Archana was made the captain for the 10th Week by Bigg Boss as she is the only contestant who hasn’t got that opportunity so far.
All we need to wait till Sunday to see the grand finale winner of NTR hosted Telugu season 1.

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