Bollywood Star Hero Demands 70% Share In Profits!!

Bollywood Star Hero Demands 70% Share In Profits!!

Bollywood Star Hero Demands 70% Share In Profits!!

It is a general practice in Bollywood that Star heroes take share in profit of their films besides taking an upfront remuneration. This share used to be around 20-30 percent of total profit a film earns, and producers weren’t complaining as a star’s presence guarantees them decent profits.

The latest demand of Salman Khan however has shocked the film industry folks. As per the wildly circulating reports in Bollywood circles, Salman Khan demanded for a whopping 70 percent share in profits to sign ‘Race 3’.

‘Race’ is a successful Bollywood franchise falling in adrenaline pumping action-thriller genre. Saif Ali Khan played the lead role in the first two parts, which became decent hits at worldwide box office. In their bid to expand the range of the franchise, makers approached Salman for the third part, who upon being impressed by the thrilling plot, agreed to sign the film not before laying the 70 percent profit sharing condition. As the makers were desperate to rope in the Box office behemoth, they reportedly agreed, albeit reluctantly.

What’s interesting is that producers agreed to pay a record 70 percent profit to Salman despite his latest film ‘Tubelight’ turned out to be a disaster at box office. Bhai’s fans proudly embrace and endorse the circulating reports saying that one bad film can’t downplay the market of their favorite hero, who has delivered some huge blockbusters in the last half decade.

For the unknown, Aamir Khan is also reportedly pocketing 60-70 percent share in the profits for his upcoming film ‘Thugs of Hindostan’.

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