Deeksha Panth Sensational Comments on Bigg Boss!

Deeksha Panth

Deeksha Panth Sensational Comments on Bigg Boss!

Deeksha Panth who got eliminated from Bigg Boss House recently and made sensational allegations on the Bigg Boss reality show. She opines that the Team of Bigg Boss showing mostly the footage of her eating, sleeping & crying. ‘Maybe, The team has done all of this intentionally,’ she said.

She is the first Wild Card entry of Bigg Boss Season 1 didn’t even spare her fellow contestant. Deeksha also alleged that she knew Dhanraj since the time they both worked for the movie ‘Banthipula Janaki’. She alleged the Dhanraj used to say, ‘Let’s Meet After The Shoot’ and hence maintained a certain distance with him due to his attitude. She believes that because of this reason Dhanraj behaved so badly with her in Bigg Boss show.

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In fact, Deeksha Panth didn’t even spare Archana, Hariteja and Mahesh Kathi. She complains even after she was eliminated Archana has been spitting venom on her.

Only the footage which Bigg Boss finds more exciting in the whole day will be aired on Star maa. Deeksha Panth needs to keep that in mind. Let’s wait and see what will happen on Sunday grand finale of Telugu Bigg Boss season 1.

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