Mahesh two highlight sequences of SPYder!


Mahesh two highlight sequences of SPYder!

Mahesh the two highlight sequences of SPYder. Ever since SPYder started many people on social media are spreading different rumors about the Mahesh film. Right from the movie has announced. Right from the beginning change in the lead actress to shooting updates to on set videos, everything became a trending buzz. Well, few felt the theatrical trailer a bit unsatisfactory and that has been done by the director, A.R. Murugadoss himself deliberately.

As per the inside sources, the A. R. Murugadoss did not want to reveal anything major plot in the movie but he just wanted to give a glimpse of the film’s story. He asked his team to not add the big VFX sequences to the trailer, as they are much important to the storyline. And also thrills when the audience sees them fresh on screen. Mahesh two sequences are the major highlights of the movie.

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Well, the sources are also abuzz about the conflict scenes between Mahesh Babu and SJ Suryah. The film has come out strong on emotional content and the action sequences will be a major highlight in the film. For the first time, Mahesh Babu is seen as a Techie, IB officer and how he going to save a city from disaster is the storyline. Mahesh hasn’t started promotion of his film SPYder yet. He plans to promote the film in a different way. On 27th September, Spyder will be hitting the screens worldwide and hope we all will be amazed by director A.R. Murugadoss’s vision.

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