5 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

5 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

5 Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is now the most common cancer which is found in India. This is generally followed by lung cancer. Breast cancer cases are increasing day-by-day due to the lack of adequate awareness of the disease. This is an abnormal growth of breast cells. Most people are not at all aware of the symptoms of breast cancer. Here are few symptoms of breast cancer which you would have never heard before.


Swelling is seen and it is the early sign of breast cancer. The swelling might also alter the shape of your breast slightly. You may also experience pain. So, check if any lump is beneath the surface.

Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge might not be a cancerous symptom but do not avoid this sign. The nipple discharge is not breast milk. So, consult a doctor once you notice discharge without squeezing or touching.

Dimpling or scaling

A part of your skin may feel thicker or scaly to touch. There may be dimpling of the skin and your skin may turn like an orange peel. So, talk to your doctor immediately if you notice any changes in your breast skin.

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Nipple retraction

In some cases, the nipple will turn inward. This results in the change of the shape of the growth of cancerous cells and appearance of nipples. This symptom is observed in most of the women.

Breast pain

This is the common one which is seen in most of the breast cancer patients. Breast pain is reported by patients. It is known that breast cancer lump will cause this pain but it may also some occasional throbbing or fluctuating discomfort. So, consult a doctor if you notice the pain.

Do not ignore these signs and beware of the body changes occurring in your body due to breast cancer.

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