Rana Is Cheaper Than Vijay??

Rana Is Cheaper Than Vijay??

Rana Is Cheaper Than Vijay??

Other day Rana Daggubati graced the opening of a shopping mall, and today a leading English daily quoted that he charged 15 lakhs for attending the event. And then there is buzz everywhere that Vijay Devarakonda took 30 lakhs to participate in the same event. Is Rana cheaper than Vijay considering the big image he has across the nation?

Actually, Rana is said to have charged 15 lakhs just to grace the event for 10 minutes of time, while Vijay is taking home 30 lakhs to endorse the particular brand for nearly a year. In that case, Rana made a bigger deal of money than his young competitor. However, film lovers are not so happy with Rana getting associated with local brands, provided the fact that has a pan-India image.

The general notion is that heroines who have lesser hits or during their budding time in the film industry, they take up these ribbon cuttings. But after becoming stars, they endorse only national level brands and products. That’s the case with many starlets like Samantha and Shruti Haasan. And someone who got to rose to Rana’s level of popularity among the heroes will not surely accept such local projects at lower prices. So, some people do think that Rana should not turn up at such local events.

Anyway, endorsing a brand or attending an event either for free or at a lesser cost or higher pay packet is something purely dependent on how the celebrity wants to project himself.

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