Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sacrificed Green Card?

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sacrificed Green Card?

Satya Nadella once sacrificed his Green Card for the love of his life. After marrying Anu in
1993, Nadella wished to bring his wife to the US to start a family but the Green Card didn’t allow it.So, Satya Nadella decided to let go the Green Card and applied for H-1B Visa which allows life partners to stay in the US.

The Microsoft CEO recently revealed Kunal Bahl(Snapdeal), who was his colleague at Microsoft, quit the job and returned to India after failing to get Green Card before his H-1B Visa tenure expire. Later, Kunal Bahl founded in a Snapdeal which is now worth over $1 billion and employees 500 people. Mr. Satya Nadella believes Cloud-based Firms like Snapdeal will play an important role in the growth of Microsoft in future.

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In his College Days, Nadella has goals like studying in a small college, playing cricket for
Hyderabad and getting a bank job. While his Mother was very happy with his choices, His Father asked him to think beyond Hyderabad. He claims to have never thought of studying Engineering and visiting the US.

In his book ‘Hit Refresh’ which was released on Tuesday, Satya Nadella mentioned about the prominent personalities who studied along with him like friends and member of parliament person in Hyderabad Public School.

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