Bad Tech Habits: You Need To Stop Doing Them in 2018

Bad Tech Habits

Bad Tech Habits: You Need To Stop Doing Them in 2018

Everyone has resolutions for the new year. We always want to make a kickstart in new year. We take several promises but we fail to keep them. But, this time you shouldn’t do that.

We’ve brought some digital resolutions for you for this new year. Make sure, you take these tech-resolutions and make a new start.

Fitness tracker
A fitness tracker is important for everyone. And if you are a fitness freak, then you should keep a fitness tracker on your wrist to exercise more. Most of us purchase fitness trackers and put them in drawers within months of purchase. But this new year, don’t give a chance. Rearrange your exercise data in charts and spreadsheets, share your achievements publicly on social media and compete against groups of friends. Then these tips will help you to wear your fitness tracker.
Back up your data
We all fail to back up our data. Many of us do it in urgency. So, don’t wait until your phone falls into a river. Now, make sure you save secure copies of the information on your various devices.
Assemble your photos
We never do this because of our recklessness. There are several tools provided by Google Photos and Apple Photos. Use them to do more with your photos. Assemble your best captures and video clips into highlights reels, which act as digital photo albums to preserve your special moments.
Learn a skill
This is the interesting one. Pick up a new skill and start learning it. You can easily learn skills with today’s technology. There are several dedicated apps to teach you skills like vocal, playing musical instruments, dance, crafts etc. There are also few free tutorials teach you to write code, work on image editing, improve your cooking skills etc.
Write helpful reviews
You might get some thoughtful reviews but you deny to put them. So, try to rate and write your thoughtful reviews in this new year. Like you can give ratings to your favourite restaurant on Google Maps, rake a business on Yelp, or review the gadget you just purchased from Amazon.
Recycle your old gadgets
Sometimes we put our old phones, tablet or laptops in drawers and gather dust. So, plan to give them a new life. If you really don’t want them anymore, check if your device’s manufacturer offers a recycling scheme like Apple and Samsung do- and before you turn it in, first wipe all the files on it.
Be nicer on social media
Add some positivity and civility to your social media interactions. Don’t pick some fights, try picking someone you want to encourage or congratulate instead.
Take your security seriously
This is serious! Be sure that you protect your digital life in a better way. Secure your online accounts, email inbox, smartphone data, and even your house and yard. These things can protect you from a lot of online threats.
Try new tech
Don’t stick to your old tech things. Try out something new. Try new technology which can add knowledge to your old ones. In 2018, consider switching from iOS to Android (or vice versa), trying out Linux on an old computer, or even launching a Raspberry Pi project. Any of these will lift you out of your tech comfort zone, potentially revealing a whole new digital world.
Declutter your digital life
In 2018, remove apps that you don’t use on your phone and laptop, delete ancient emails, free up storage space on your devices and so on. This helps your gadgets run smoothly and makes you feel relaxed.
Limit your screen time
Though we suggest you all the tech tips, we don’t want you to stick to technology much. It is better if you limit your time. Try to maintain a better balance between using gadgets and spending time in the real world. Don’t use phones at lunchtime. Go for a walk instead of browsing Facebook. Avoid addiction to the digital world.

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