Important: These 5 Body Parts Need To Be Washed Properly


Important: These 5 Body Parts Need To Be Washed Properly

Monday to Friday are deadly times where you always forget something. We are always in rush in the morning. We take very short showers and we don’t focus on it. But, in coming days, this may turn you sick with bacteria’s presence in many parts of your body. So, it is important to wash these minor body parts to avoid infections and sickness. Here Important: These 5 Body Parts Need To Be Washed Properly

Behind your ears
You may never focus on washing behind your ears unless you wash your hair. Washing hair is not possible daily, so you may skip cleaning behind your ears. There may be bacteria and dirt formed around your ears. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous gland present in this area to the skin moist but this secretion can cause some rank smell. So, use a cotton swab to clean the area behind your ears even when you are not washing your hair.

Under fingernails
It is important to wash your hands to prevent diseases as hands are vehicles to spread diseases or infections to the whole body. Okay! You may be washing your hands frequently but you might miss washing underneath your fingernails. According to a study conducted at Aston University in 2007, nail clippings of 24 percent of the male participants and 15 percent of the female participants had harmful bacteria. Bacterias under your fingernails can lead to diseases like diarrhoea.

Your Belly Button
Cleaning navel is the most ignored thing which everyone does. But, no. This portion must be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt and bacteria. The dark, moist environment of the navel part is ideal for the breeding of bacteria. This may cause foul smell and infections. So, make sure you dry your belly button with your towel after a shower and clean it with a cotton swab.

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You may hardly wash your hair using shampoos but you might not have made an effort to clean the scalp. The head portion contains oil and sweat glands where there is a requirement to massage and wash scalp frequently. So, try to massage your scalp with some oil and then while washing your hair, scrub your scalp for a couple of minutes and then wash.

Between your toes
Well, this is the area you may not be interested to clean daily. But you have to. The area between your toes can be dirty. It may cause dirt and bacteria buildup. This results in giving some foul smell. So, washing toes and between them regularly is the most important thing while you have a shower. If you feel some foul smell, sprinkle some talcum powder. You can also try pedicure to put it clean.

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