Skype Launches New Feature For End-To-End Encryption


Skype Launches New Feature For End-To-End Encryption

These days we are using most of the instant messaging apps at maximum levels. Of course, for such growing messaging apps there is a need for high security. Also, all the apps are working constantly to improve the security of apps and the tech giant Microsoft has recently added a great feature to enhance the security of the Skype messenger. The concept is based on introducing end-to-end encryption on the Skype platform.

It is true that almost all the conversations held in the main message services are already protected by the curious who want to see conversations that do not concern them. This feature is much sought after by users, but also by the companies themselves.

The option offered by Skype is called “Private Conversations”, as this is not compatible with group conversations. To start the private conversation, you need to click on the “+” icon and then choose the option “New Private Conversation”. Logically, then you just have to choose the contact.

Once the contact receives the invitation – and this has an expiration of 7 days after disappearing – and accepts it, said conversation will be available on a specific device. If you want to display this conversation to another device, you should resend the invitation.

A private conversation will have a lock icon next to the contact’s name, and display messages do not appear in chats or notifications. A curious fact is that through this mode, there is no possibility to edit the messages.

What Signal and Microsoft are looking for this new feature in Skype is “to make private communication simple and ubiquitous” – “With hundreds of millions of active users, Skype is one of the most popular applications in the world,” they add, “and we are excited that Private Conversations on Skype allows more users to take advantage of the strong encryption properties of Signal Protocol for secure communication.”

For now, this new feature is only available to Skype Insiders users, since it is being evaluated and put to the test. In the future, this update will be available to the entire Skype community.


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