Truecaller Launches OTP Messages Feature And Improves Flash

Truecaller Launches OTP Messages

Truecaller Launches OTP Messages Feature And Improves Flash

Truecaller has recently rolled out the OTP messages feature. The company has also improved the Flash for Android users. These new features are now launched in Android version 8.69 which is available in Google Play Store.

The OTP messages feature will let people copy the one-time password from SMS, barring other text. You can also notice a new copy button on the notification containing OTP which helps users in easily copying the OTP.

The company’s blog post says, “Most messages containing an OTP is filled with other text, and to be honest, we all just want that number. At Truecaller, we have created a clean and clear copy button on the notification containing the OTP. This means Truecaller recognises and highlights the number you need and provides a one-tap way to copy.”

The improved Flash messaging will help the user to get rid of calling or writing a full-text message. This option is useful when it comes to making a decision. It helps users to escape from the small talks and send replies within around 30 seconds.                                      Most SMS responses take close to 15 minutes, states the company.

Truecaller released its ‘Year in Calling’ report in December, which revealed that India tops the list when it comes to spam SMS. The company announced its SMS app in April last year, designed to filter junk SMSes into a separate folder. Since launch, Truecaller users have sent over 639 million SMSes to contacts around the world.

How to enable Truecaller’s OTP messages feature?
If you want to enable the OTP message feature in your Truecaller app, you will need to enable the Truecaller SMS in the app. Once you make it default SMS app, you will get access to other features like spam protection.

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